Smart Heat Sensor


The sensor continuously monitors (every 6sec) the temperature in the enclosed space (such a engine room or electrical cabinets) and detects the smallest change in the temperature. Whenever a temperature change of only 2°C is detected, a message is sent to the cloud service and compared with the user-defined thresholds for specific alerting conditions (low/high/severe temperature, rapid temperature rise). If those threshold are exceeded, an alert is generated as a possible indication of fire. The alert is delivered to the boat owner and all his emergency contacts via an automated voice call, SMS, email and push notifications. Optionally, the alert can also be shared with the selected Proactive Boat Care providers (marina, yacht service), enabling them to swiftly react and prevent potential disaster. All temperature measurements are stored in a cloud for further analysis and can be retrieved anytime by a provided mobile application.

The sensor is designed to operate at high temperatures on long terms (85°C) and even up to 5min @ temperature of 130°C. 1 year subscription included in price.

This product ships within 24h.

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Prevent fire or freezing

Prevention of fire on a boat stored/docked in the marina is a very demanding challenge. The fire is usually spotted at a very late stage, at which it already had developed high temperatures and spread to the adjacent boats. Motor boats are at particularly high risks, having different kinds of of fire-risky equippment (engines, chargers, batteries, fuel, pumps) concentrated in a very small area of the engine room.

The temperature in the engine room can under normal engine operation rise up to 70°C, which makes the ordinary smoke or heat detectors totally useless. Smoke detectors work at temperatures of up to 55°C and cannot be designed with IP65 protection required for the engine room. Conventional heat detectors with fixed triggering point and rate-of-rise detection in the IP65 enclosure might be a good solution, but those simple devices are quite slow in the reaction and alarm the fire only locally via build-in siren. Since the boat is left docked/stored in the marina, there is usually no one around to hear the siren.

Very often the boats are exposed to extreme cold as well, which might lead to freezing of the fluids and possible damage of the pipes, valves or tanks. The outside temperature is not relevant, so one must measure the temperature inside the engine room to estimate the posible risk of freezing.


Specially designed for boats

In the cooperation with SimpleHW, a leading hardware producers in the Sigfox technology we designed a special sensor which continously monitors the temperature (every 6 sec) and detects the smallest change in the temperature. Every temperature difference of 2°C is sent and processed in the cloud.

Whenever the temperature exceeds a specified threshold or rises faster than normal, an alert is generated as a possible indication of fire. The alert is forwarded to you (and optionally your home marina/port).


The sensor is designed to operate at high temperatures on long terms (85°C) and even up to 5min @ temperature of 130°C.

Manual and technical specifications

Check the manual for the detailed description of the sensor functionality and technical specifications.



This sensor is not a life-saving device nor certified as a fire alarm system is so required by fire regulations and authorities. The measurements from the sensors can be used for information purposes only.

10-min Installation

No technical skills requires. Powered by internal battery, no electrical wiring required.

Autonomous wireless device

No central unit required, the sensors connects directly to internet via Sigfox network.

Battery life 7 years

The sensor is powered by an replaceable internal battery designed to last at least for 7 years.

No SIM, no roaming

We are using Sigfox, the world's largest IoT network. No SIM cards are required.