Smart Bilge Sensor


The Smart Bilge Sensor continuously monitors the water presence in the bilge and prevents not only a rapid sinking of your boat, but also a damage from the stale rain water accumulated in your bilge over a long time. The water detection is performed via a robust marine-grade float switch, which has to be held in a upward position for at least 30sec (to avoid possible false alarms). The high water alarm will be delivered to the boat owner and all additional emergency contacts via an automated voice call, SMS, email and push notifications. The email and push messages will be repeated every 3h until resolved. Optionally, the alert can also be forwarded to the selected Proactive Boat Care providers (marina, yacht service), enabling them to swiftly react and prevent potential disaster.

The sensor is also equipped with a temperature sensor, which will alert you of possible freezing hazard if the temperature falls below 2°C. The sensor performs a self-check every 24h and reports its health status to the network.

The sensor is wireless and connects directly to the internet. The installation is very simple with no connection to the electrical wiring. The sensor is powered by an internal battery lasting up to 7 years. First year subscription included in the price!

This product ships within 24h.

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Protects your boat from sinking and mold

Water will always find a way to your bilge. Most often, it will just be rain water, which which will create mold and an unpleasant odor after a while. However, since every boat has many water outlets (sanitary units, cooling systems) sometimes things can go wrong and your boat will be at risk of sinking. You can prevent this hazard with our simple and affordable sensors; just install the sensor and water in the bilge will never surprise you again.


If high water is detected in your bilge, the sensor will alert you via voice call, SMS, Push notification and email. Furthermore, if the sensor is connected to your marina, we will alert your marina as well.


10 min installation

No technical skills requires. Powered by internal battery, no electrical wiring required.

Autonomous wireless device

No central unit required, the sensors connects directly to internet via Sigfox network.

Battery life 7 years

The battery is replacable and designed to work at least for 7 years.

No SIM, no roaming

We are using Sigfox, the world's largest IoT network. No SIM cards are required.