Smart Battery Sensor


This sensor continuously monitors (every 15min) the voltage and temperature of your batteries and warns you about any relevant action required to properly maintain the batteries to avoid damage due to sulfation and deep discharging. Whenever the voltage change larger than 100mV is detected, a message is sent to the cloud service and compared with the customer-specified thresholds for diverse alerting conditions (low/critical/charging/high temperature). If those threshold are exceeded, an automated email/push messages are generated and delivered to multiple recipients specified by the customers or shared with the Proactive Boat Care providers (see below). The sensor will also inform you about the start and finish of the charging cycle, as well as monitor the battery temperature during the charging/discharging to avoid overheating (boiling) of the batteries. All measurements are stored in a cloud for further analysis and can be retrieved anytime by a provided mobile application.

The sensor monitors one battery bank (for example service batteries) supporting both 12V or 24V electrical networks. First year subscription included in the price!

Shipped within 24h from the order.  

sense4boat charging app

Increase the life expectancy of your batteries

Boat batteries are very expensive and usually last only for a couple of seasons. The main culprit for the pemanture battery death is the inproper maintenance; most of the battery producers specify a battery life of 7-10 years, however in the reality not many batteries live that long.

Maintaining marine batteries is very simple and can be summarized in just one sentence: the battery should be always stored in a fully charged state. If the battery is stored in partially discharged state,  a chemical process of deposition of lead sulfate crystals occurs on lead plates. We call this process sulfation and it is sulfation which is responsible for the most common irreversible battery capacity reduction. The longer the battery stays is in the discharged state, more crystals precipitate on lead plates, which then progressively shrinks battery capacity.

One might think that fully charging the batteries before storage might help…However, the things are not that simple. Due to another chemical process which occurs inside the batteries, they are self-discharging at the rate of 2-3% per month. So even if you leave them fully charged, after a couple of weeks the voltage drops and sulfation occurs.

It would be ideal, for batteries to continuously charge over chargers, solar panels, or wind turbines. Unfortunately, this is often not possible for safety or other reasons, so the next best solution is periodic charging at the shortest possible intervals. To know when it is necessary to recharge our batteries, we need information about their current voltage. Battery voltage is crucial for proper maintenance. However, often we only have this information on board, and we are there hundreds of kilometers away from our vessel.


How do our sensors work?

Using IoT technology, we developed a special monitoring sensor for marine batteries. Our sensor periodically measures the voltage of the battery and registers any difference larger than 100mV. The measurements are sent via Sigfox network to our cloud services which store and process these messages.

In the mobile application you can specify at which thresholds you want to be alerted in case of the low or critical battery level. You will receive alerts via mobile app, email and push notifications. The sensor will also inform you when the battery charging started or ended, and how long the charging cycle lasted. 

Manual and the technical specifications

Check the manual for the detailed description of the sensor functionality and technical specifications.

smart battery settings

Prevent batteries from overheating (boiling)

Battery voltage information is extremely important to determine the current situation and deciding at what point to start the charging. However, to ensure the safe charging of your battery, we also need the information of the battery temperature. During the charging cycles, the batteries raise their temperature; only slightly with the healthy batteries, while with defective batteries in extreme cases it can come to the so-called “Battery boiling” and a potentially dangerous situation. This is the exact reason, why our sensors are also equipped with a temperature reading, that detects each temperature change and alarms in case of potentially dangerous situations. By measuring the voltage and temperature of the battery, we can guarantee a safe battery charge at all times.

Produced by Simple Hardware, s.r.o., EU, CE, IP67, delivered with 2m cables, 2 years warranty.

Autonomous wireless device

No central unit required, the sensors connects directly to internet via Sigfox network.


Powered by internal battery

The sensor is powered by replacable internal battery (min 7 years of battery life) and will not drain your batteries. 


Adjust warnings and threshold according to your needs.

No SIM, no roaming

We are using Sigfox, the world's largest IoT network. No SIM cards are required.