Increase revenue, optimise operations & grow your business

Upgrade your boat care service with Sense4Boat!
Connect your clients’ boats to your brand new control center provided by Sense4Boat, and make sure you are in position to detect all major safety hazards and handle them as soon as they appear.

Get notified via SMS, email and voice call when there is a safety issue with any of the boats in your care, and react as agreed with the boat owner. Know where to go and whose batteries to charge or replace, or whose bilge to pump the water out from, before it becomes a safety issue.

Provide your clients with a dedicated smartphone app, which they can use to monitor the vital stats of their boat.

Get a control center to
monitor boats remotely

With the Sense4Boat’s new control center add-on, you can automate monitoring of relevant risk related parameters and make sure your team reacts on time, preventing damage and keeping the boat owners happy.

Know exactly when your customers need services such as battery charging or a general boat safety check and monetise these insights by up-selling these services to the relevant customers.

Overview of all boats equipped with sensors highlights explicit alerts which should be addressed, and marks those with anomalies that should be checked out, as well.

Near real-time and historical readouts provide a detailed view into the safety status of the boat and and insight into what service could be offered to individual boat owners.

Boats coarse locations presented on the map are available even for boats without a GPS sensor. Know which berths are available for transit and when your residents are returning.

Increase revenue, optimise operations & grow your business

Expand your territory by creating a virtual marina. Equipping boats with Sense4Boat sensors enables you to monitor even those boats who are too far away from your base of operations for daily or even weekly inspections.

Create new types of services and include them in your existing offering or implement them as services you will charge for on demand. Inculde your partners and become a one stop shop for all boat related needs.

Promote your services and get
new clients through a new channel

Provide your customers with an included smartphone app which displays all the major safety factors of their boat, and promotes the services of your marina.

Increase trust through transparency and improve your relationship with boat owners by understanding them better and being more proactive when it comes to their needs.

Sense4Boat users who do not have a contract with you or any other BoatCare provider will learn about your service though the app, if they are in the region in which you operate.

*New app about to be released soon!

S4B platform and sensors are unique on the market


Sense4Boat sensors do not connect to the boat network or power, making them independent and safe to install in any boat. They have their own replaceable batteries which last over 5 years.


Sense4Boat sensors do not require a central unit to connect to. They operate independently, making them easy to install, change, and add new ones.
No new wires running through boats.


Each Sense4Boat sensor directly connects to the control center using a 0G network by Sigfox – a global IoT Network operator. The enables them to be independent, save power and be resistant to jamming.

Prevent sinking and water damage

Water will always find a way to the bilge of a boat. Most often, it will just be rain water, which which will create mold and an unpleasant odor after a while.

In addition, since every boat has many water outlets sometimes things can go wrong and your boat will be at risk of sinking. You can prevent this hazard with the Smart Bilge sensor. Never be surprised, by water in the bilge, again.

Sense4Boat Smart Bilge sensor is IP67 certified making it safe to install in the bilge. It comes with a practical float switch which can be installed in any bilge configuration, at a desired height.

Reduce risk of fire and freezing

Prevention of fire on a boat stored/docked in the marina is a demanding challenge. The fire is usually spotted at a very late stage, at which it already had developed high temperatures and spread to the adjacent boats. Motor boats are at particularly high risks, having different kinds of of fire-risky equippment (engines, chargers, batteries, fuel, pumps) concentrated in a very small area of the engine room.

Sense4Boat provides a special IP67 rated sensor, resistant to high temperatures often found in engine rooms, which continuously (every 6 sec) monitors the temperature and detects the smallest changes in the temperature.
Every temperature difference of 3°C is sent and processed in the control center.

Increase the life expectancy
of your client’s batteries

This sensor monitors the boat’s batteries and informs you what actions need to be taken in order to ensure proper maintenance. The battery voltage is measured continuously and sent to the control center for your analysis.

Prevent damage from deep discharging.
Deep discharging is the primary reason for a premature battery death. Now the battery can send you an email and push notification when the voltage drops below specified threshold. The thresholds are configurable according to you needs.

Get started with no upfront cost!

Sense4Boat provides the Control Center add-on, the smartphone app and the above sensors at no upfront cost, making it completely risk free to implement in any business case.

  • Include the new services and benefits in boat care programs
  • offer it as an add-on in a form of a premium service
  • or simply reward your loyal clients to increase your brand value and differentiate from competitors.

A monthly Platform-as-a-Service fee based on the number of active sensors in your marina, with no minimum commitment, secures the entire Sense4Boat platform, including the continuous Sense4Boat support which ensures smooth operations without worrying about logistics.