We can significantly extend the life expectancy of your batteries

Batteries are generally supposed to last at least 7-10 years according to the manufacturers’ specifications. However, due to improper maintenance, they usually last only 3-4 years. Most boat owners are not aware that batteries discharge on their own at a rate of up to 5 % per month. If you do not charge your batteries immediately, sulfatization occurs and your battery permanently loses some of its capacity..

The ideal battery maintenance would be to have a permanent shore supply and modern battery charger which has the functionality to continuously charge the batteries (float mode). However, a permanent shore supply is not allowed in most marinas due to the fire & safety regulations. Permanent shore supply is also very problematic because of a significant increase in galvanic currents (a closed electrical circuit through the common ground wire with the marina).

Therefore, the only workable solution is to receive the information on when to recharge the batteries and to recharge them properly either by yourself, by your marina staff or by subcontractors. Our system will notify you when to recharge you batteries to prevent damage from sulfatization.


Sulfation is an irreversible chemical process which occurs when the battery is deprived of full charge. Sulfation permanently reduces the capacity of your batteries and is the leading cause of premature battery failure.