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This smart sensor will detect the most important safety hazards to your boat: heat and water intrusion. In order to detect heat, we use the patented technology of the US-based manufacturer Protectowire, developed specifically to detect heat in the most demanding conditions, such as aeroplanes, industrial plants, power plants, oil rigs etc. The Protectowire cable is very easy to set up – simply place it alongside the boat’s wiring and in the engine area where the chance of fire is highest. This sensor comes with 5 meters of Protectowire cable, which can be extended based on your needs. Protectowire is guaranteed to be the best method of detecting heat in your boat. Furthermore, in order to detect water intrusion, we use a float switch installed by affixing it into your boat’s bilge and connecting it by cable to the afore mentioned sensor. The sensor registers the activation and deactivation of the float switch.

In case of heat or water intrusion, an alert is momentarily generated and forwarded to you and to your marina. The alerts are sent via several communication channels (phone call, email, SMS, push notification, soon also Viber and WhatsApp). The installation is very simple and does not require a connection to the boat’s electrical wiring.

You can read more about the Protectowire technology at

The sensor is manufactured by the renowned IoT company Adeunis from France. The replaceable battery lasts for at least 4 years and has a 2-year warranty and CE certificate. The sensor is delivered with 5 meters of Protectowire cable and a float switch with 5 meters of cable.

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