Smart Battery Sensor (2020)


This sensor periodically monitors up to two battery banks and warns you about any relevant infomation or action required to properly maintain your batteries. The sensor will inform you when to recharge your batteries to avoid damage due to sulfation and deep discharge. Additionally, the sensor will inform you when the charging started or finished.

First year subscription included in price!

One sensor monitors 2 battery banks (unlimited number of batteries in the bank).

Available in both 12V and 24V versions.
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Increase the life expectancy of your batteries 

This sensor monitors your batteries and informs you what actions to take to ensure proper maintenance.

Instant battery status

A simple gauge informs you about the current status of your batteries

Continous monitoring of your batteries

The battery voltage is measured every 3h and stored in the cloud for your analysis.

Prevent damage from deep discharging

Deep discharging is the primary reason for a premature battery death. Now your battery can send you an email and push notification when the voltage drops below specified threshold. The thresholds are configurable according to you needs.







Produced by a Adeunis, EU, powered by internal battery (min 3 years of battery life), CE, IP65, delivered with 3m cables with fuses, 2 years warranty.

Autonomous wireless device

No central unit required, the sensors connects directly to internet via Sigfox network.


Powered by internal battery

The sensor is powered by replacable internal battery (min 3 years of battery life) and will not drain your batteries. 


Adjust warnings and threshold according to your needs.

No SIM, no roaming

We are using Sigfox, the world's largest IoT network. No SIM cards are required. 

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