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This sensor monitors your bilge using a small float switch installed close to your bilge pump. If the float switch is activated by the rising water level in the bilge, an alert is generated instantly informing you and your home marina about the situation. The alert is repeated every 3 hours until it is resolved. If the water is pumped out of the bilge, the float switch is automaticaly deactivated and the device resets to its normal state. You will have a log of allof these activities.

Having this sensor on board will significantly reduce the risk of your boat sinking or other kind of damage caused by water. There are many unpredictable circumstances which may lead to catastrophic consequences for your boat, such as galvanic currents, corrosion, temperatures below zero etc., but there are also less disastrous circumstances such as rain water finding a way inside the boat and damaging the interior of the boat. Having this sensor on board can protect you from big losses.

The installation is very simple and requires no electrical wiring. The sensor and float switch must be mounted with screws or fastening collars at the proper position in the bilge, no high-tech technical skills required.

The sensor is produced by the premium IoT company Adeunis, France under the description ARF8171BA, powered by an internal replacable battery, min 4 years battery life, 2 years warranty, CE certificate.

Includes: Sensor ARF8171BA by Adeunis / France, IP68 connector, float switch, 3m cable

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