Prevent damage and improve the safety of your boat

Revolutionary IoT technology designed for your boat

SENSE4BOAT is an innovative Active Prevention System which combines modern technology and our lasting experience in the marina industry to ensure the maximum safety of your boat during the long storage periods in the marina. We are using the cutting-edge Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology to monitor all the vital parameters of your boat and to detect potential threats long before they become a real hazard.


Best suited to your needs

Every sensor is autonomous and directly connects the internet. You can start with one sensors and add additional sensors whenever you want to. 

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COMING SOON!” icon_color=”#e02b20″ _builder_version=”4.7.4″ _module_preset=”default”][/image_hotspot_child][image_hotspot_child pointer_vertical_position=”51.7%” pointer_horizontal_position=”34.9%” title=”Smart Smoke Sensor” desc=”Detects the presence of
smoke in your boat.” icon_color=”#e02b20″ _builder_version=”4.7.4″ _module_preset=”default” link_option_url=””][/image_hotspot_child][/image_hotspot_parent]

Key features

No central unit

We use cutting-edge IoT technology. Each of our sensors is directly connected to the Internet so there is no need for an expensive and complicated central unit.

Installation in 5 minutes

Choose the sensors you want, install them in your boat and within only a few minutes, you can start monitoring your boat!

Autonomous wireless sensor

Powered by internal batteries, no connection to boat’s electrical wiring. The sensors do not drain your boat’s batteries.

Monitor your boat 24/7

By any weather, day or night.

100% Covid-safe.

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Prevent damage from sinking or stale rain water

The Smart Bilge Sensor detects water intrusion in the bilge and protects your boat from sinking and stale rainwater. If water is detected, you will receive a voice call, email, SMS and push notification. 

Prevent damage from fire or freezing

The sensor continuously monitors the temperature in the enclosed space (such a engine room or electrical cabinets) and detects the smallest change in the temperature. Whenever the temperature exceeds a specified threshold or rises faster then normal, an alert is generated as a possible indication of fire. If the temperature falls bellow a specified threshold, a freezing alert is generated. 

Prevent dead batteries and ensure proper battery maintenance

The sensor periodically monitors up to two battery banks and warns you about any relevant infomation or action required to properly maintain your batteries. The sensor will inform you when to recharge your batteries to avoid damage due to sulfation and deep discharge. Additionally, the sensor will inform you when the charging started or finished.

No SIM, no roaming

We are using Sigfox, the world’s largest IoT network. No SIM cards are required. The system works worldwide without roaming.

Free mobile application for boat owners

Monitor all the sensors and check all the measurements collected from the various sensors anytime, anywhere with our mobile application.

If an alert requires your attention or action, you will be notified via the mobile application, email and voice call. Log all alerts and warnings generated by those sensors.

Download our application here

Alert your home marina

Connect your sensors to your home marina*, so that all alerts, warnings and measurements can be forwarded to your home marina as well. Your marina can take actions to protect your valuable boat and provide you with better service (battery maintenance, docking assistance, boat care).

* Works only in marinas ready and willing to provide this service.

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Since our introduction, we are getting more and more satisfied customers every day. Please read some of their testimonials below…

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I would like to tell you about my experience 1 month after installing my SENSE4BOAT sensors. I am very satisfied with the sensors, the installation was child’s play to do, since the sensors need no power supply from the outside, no cables were necessary for the installation. The battery sensors are just great, I can see from home whether my batteries are charged and in what condition they are. The bilge sensor and fire detector are also great safety features for my boat. Should something really happen, the marina can provide immediate help and keep the damage in check. I’m happy to find such a great product in the marina, keep it up. A very successful product, which I can only recommend to every boater.

MY/ Bavaria 33 motorsport

Christoph Kürbisch,

For almost 20 years I am owner of various boats, my current boat is the Jambolaya with mooring on the island of Krk. The Sense4Boat technology I find unique, The clever sensor technology, I have not only permanent control and more security, I am also convinced that I can save money with this technology in the end. But when I think of what I have spent the last few years on money for batteries because they were permanently deep unloaded because it was not checked in time or was not responded in a timely manner. I hope that I can save myself these expenses in the future. My biggest concern was the installation, but it was quick and easy. Until today, the system runs perfectly, I do not want to do without it anymore.
M/Y Bavaria 35

In the middle of July 2019 I had sensors for bilge and fire as well as battery monitoring installed on my boat.
As an electrician, I know how dangerous, for example, a cell defect can be on a battery. It creates very high heat, mostly in the charging process. That is, in my opinion, the most common cause of boat fires. The monitoring line of the fire sensor passes over the batteries, charger and the controls of the boat. The line triggers an alarm when exceeding 105 degrees Celsius. I myself had a problem with the battery charge before. The battery got so hot that the wood panel was lightly burned. The sensor in the bilge gives the warning when water enters the engine room. The batteries voltage monitoring has really been worth it for me. Not only that I am constantly informed about the state of charge, but I was able to detect errors in the installation in a short time by looking at the diagrams of the discharge.

I am very happy with the sensors and my boat is safe even when I am not on board.

M/Y Jeanneau Leader 10

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