Welcome marina owner!

Our products are designed to monitor the boats during the long storage periods in the marina. We created a technology platform which you can use to provide better service to your customers at lower costs.

Learn how your marina can benefit from the partnership with us!

Improve safety

We are using the cutting-edge Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology to monitor all the vital parameters of the boats in your marina and to detect potential threats long before they become a real hazard.

Increase customer satisfaction

Safety of the boats is one of the main drivers for customer satisfaction. The customers are ready to pay more for this innovative service.

Make additional revenues

For every active subscription in your marina you will get a commision. Or you can even sell sensors directly to your customers.

You can develop new bussines models thanks to the measurements provided by sensors.

All that @ zero costs!

You pay nothing. Zero. Even contrary to that, you will have additional incomes from the system.

Our business model is very simple.

Depending on the level of your commitment, you can select between two different packages. In the STANDARD package you will have all the benefits of the system, however it might be that your marina is not well suited for the sale and after-sale of the sensors to the end customer. In this case the customers can buy sensors from local resellers or our web shop.

In the PREMIUM package you can provide the full service to your customers, sell the sensors localy to the end customers and provide after-sales support. Which comes with additional incomes for you.

Both packages come with a minimum commitent from your side.

Our only requirements from your side is to proactivly promote the system to your customers. Like occasionaly sending a newsletter, having promotional material available at your point-of-sale in the marina (reception, shop).

We will of course list your marina on our web page which will bring you additional customers.

Admin console

Through the admin console you will have access to all sensors, alerts and measurements in your marina. You will always know who is connected to your marina and how many of your customers are currently in the marina. You will know the voltage on their batteries and receive a warning when to offer charging services.

You can use this data to create new business model for your customers.

Overview of all sensors connected to marina

Measurements from all sensors

Rough position with no GPS (accuracy 10-20km). Requires a low-cost local Sigfox micro station.

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