Prevent damage and improve the safety of your boat!

Here’s the cold, hard truth:
90% of the time, your boat is docked in a marina.

We also own boats, and we, like you, wish that the photo above is where we and our boats are most often 🙂
The reality is, your boat spends most of her time bumping fenders against the neighbours and waiting for you to return with good weather.

Incidents like fire, water damage, electrical failures, and uncontrolled battery consumption tend to happen, while you are away from your boat.

The Sense4Boat platform enables you to not worry about the safety of your boat, the status of the batteries, and other issues. We make sure that even when you are sound asleep, your boat has someone to call for help.

Make your boat safer, save on insurance and get valuable advice
from other boat owners through the Sense4Boat platform.

What is Sense4Boat, and how does it help you?

Sense4Boat is the safest boat monitoring solution in the world.
With smart sensors which do not connect to the boat’s electrical system, a SIMless internet connection and a battery life of 7+ years, it enables boaters to prevent various hazards the boat is exposed to while you are away from your boat.

Unlike other solutions, Sense4Boat connects your boat to your marina as well. This ensures that even if you are hundreds of miles away, there is professional staff that will handle a problem if it occurs.

Our Insurance partners, recognise the reduced risk of various hazards and offer better conditions on their insurance products for boats which are equipped with Sense4Boat sensors and which are automatically supervised by the Sense4Boat control center.

What do you get with Sense4Boat platform?

IoT sensors

Autonomous sensors which do not require a central unit, but connect to the the internet on their own via a global IoT network. Monitor water penetration, excessive heat in the engine room, battery status, cabin humidity and portals safety. 


Smartphone app

Vital boat information at your fingertips, combined with weather data and forecasts, enable you to give your boat a voice and make sure you and your marina are notified in case of potential danger or just upcoming maintenance work on the boat.


Control center

Incidents tend to happen while you are away from your boat. With even just one sensor installed, our control center will monitor your boat 24/7 so you can sleep peacefully knowing that your marina or yacht service will be notified in case of any trouble.


Key features


Sense4Boat sensors do not require a central unit to connect to the internet. They do this on their own via a dedicated and global IoT network, which means – No new wires running through boats.


Without the need for a central unit and with no wires required, installation can be performed by anyone in just a few minutes.
We will remind you to replace the batteries every 7 years 🙂


Sense4Boat sensors do not connect to the boat’s network or power, making them independent and safe to install in any boat. So, no voided boat manufacturers guarantees, and only love from insurers 🙂


Sense4Boat sensors are connected to our control center which automatically notifies your marina or yacht service to respond to potential threats which are not visible by a rutine visual inspection.

Prevent sinking and water damage

Water will always find a way to your bilge. Most often, it will just be rain water, which which will create mold and an unpleasant odor after a while.

In addition, since every boat has many water outlets sometimes things can go wrong and your boat will be at risk of sinking. You can prevent this hazard with the Smart Bilge sensor. Never be surprised, by water in the bilge, again.

Sense4Boat Smart Bilge sensor is IP67 certified making it safe to install in the bilge. It comes with a practical float switch which can be installed in any bilge configuration, at a desired height.

Reduce risk of fire and freezing

Prevention of fire on a boat stored/docked in the marina is a demanding challenge. The fire is usually spotted at a very late stage, at which it already had developed high temperatures and spread to the adjacent boats. Motor boats are at particularly high risks, having different kinds of of fire-risky equippment (engines, chargers, batteries, fuel, pumps) concentrated in a very small area of the engine room.

Sense4Boat provides a special IP67 rated sensor, resistant to high temperatures often found in engine rooms, which continuously (every 6 sec) monitors the temperature and detects the smallest changes in the temperature.
Every temperature difference of 3°C is sent and processed in the control center.

Increase the life expectancy of your batteries

This sensor monitors your batteries and informs you what actions need to be taken in order to ensure proper maintenance. The battery voltage is measured every 3h and sent to the control center for your analysis.

Prevent damage from deep discharging.
Deep discharging is the primary reason for a premature battery death. Now your battery can send you an email and push notification when the voltage drops below specified threshold. The thresholds are configurable according to you needs.

Your boat wants to talk to you!

Our new smartphone app, about to be released in June 2021, brings a much improved user experience, with remote sensor read-outs as well as real-time weather and forecasts at your boat’s location.

Set the warnings and alarms which are sent to you, and choose the ones which your marina will informed about as well, to ensure their quick response and prevent damage to your boat.

Enjoy the benefits from our partners


Boats equipped with Sense4Boat sensors automatically notify the marina if there is a safety issue which should be urgently handled. Certain marinas offer additional services (like battery charging) at a reduced rate if equipped with relevant sensors.

Yacht Service

Regardless if your boat is in a marina or not, yacht service providers offer various services which are optimised with the Sense4Boat platfor. This enables them to be more efficient and extend the savings to you.


Sense4Boat clients enjoy better insurance products conditions and are elegible for significant discounts (up to 20%) on premiums with select insurers. We are continually working to onboard more Insurers who can bring additional value to our international clients.

Help at sea

For Sense4Boat clients, assistance at sea goes beyond towing and providing gas when if your tank is empty. With our revolutionary platform your boat is under real-time expert supervision while sailing, so you can be warned if heading towards danger and advised how to avoid it.

What do our clients say about us?

Turn on the subtitles (closed captions) if necessary.

Sense4Boat sensors are connected to Internet by Sigfox

Sense4Boat sensors connect to the Internet using a global IoT network by SIgfox. Entire Europan coast and many other coastal areas in the world are covered by this continually expanding network. The benefits are low power consumption, no SIM card reqired, and economical data transfers. 

Even if you are in a part of the world which is not already covered by the Sigfox network, your Marina can install local connectivity quite easily by contacting us and acquiring a small, tabletop, base station which covers a radius of several kilometers.

Join the platform with a purchase of a single sensor

With a purchase of a single sensor, your boat becomes a part of the platform whose sole purpose is to keep your boat safe, and make your boat ownership more convenient and enjoyable. 

Take a look at or online shop to find the right sensors for you. Test our platform with a single sensor and then easily expand if you need more.

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